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Then Again The Novel

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Neon Lighting

Installing Lighting Systems

Neon Installation

Tools Needed:

Screwgun with Phillips head bit
Wire Strippers
Electrical Tape

Please Read All Instructions That Accompany The Product Carefully Before Installing Neon

1) Locate a desired location for tube placement that is away from all fuel lines, exhaust system, areas of extreme heat, moving parts and where lifts or jacks are used to raise your vehicle (see Dia. 1).

With nylon clamps, fasten tubes to your vehicle with self-tapping screws. Tubes are marked for proper clamp placement. (4 clamps per 54" tube, 3 clamps per 30" tube)

2) On a flat moisture free area, mount multi-outlet power distribution block that is near your power source (ie: fusebox or battery) and accessible for neon wire lead connections, but away from engine and moving parts.

3) Run neon power wires to distribution block that allows for the least length of wire. Avoid slack, trim off surplus wire from neon tubes before connecting to distribution block. Complete connection of all neon power wires (see Dia. 2) and secure with the provided wire holders. (Allow 2" of straight wire from neon tube before making a bend). In the event where neon power wires need to be lengthened, make sure to insulate connection with black electrical tape to ensure a moisture free connection (wire type: 18GA 12 volt)

4) Refer to wiring diagram for power and switch connection

5) Installation is complete, enjoy!

Thanks To Street Glow, Inc.

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