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Then Again The Novel

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Welcome to The Stereo Technical Information Center. Established in 1999, we are one of the oldest and most trusted Internet suppliers of stereo, audio and general electronics information and equipment, and were among the first to offer free Technical Advice and Assistance to our visitors. We were also one of the first websites to publish a comprehensive Audio/Stereo Glossary of Technical Terms, and we offer one of the most complete lists of Links to Manufacturers’ Websites available on the Web. These free services were developed in accordance with our founding philosophy, which is to always encourage electronics consumers to learn as much as they possibly can about the equipment they intend to buy before making a purchase.

Frankly, the advertising hype and specification exaggeration in the electronics industries (particularly the car audio and stereo segment) often distorts and clouds the truth. Whether you’re looking for a car stereo amplifier, woofer, receiver, speaker system or video outfit, or an HD TV, computer, or surround sound system for the home, you need to be able to understand the basic functions and parameters of each component from a technical standpoint, in order to make an informed decision on exactly what brand or type to buy. As we state on our Philosophy Page:

“We are here to demonstrate our belief in the proposition that a well-educated consumer makes the best kind of customer. We want you to harbor no illusions, to be skeptical and questioning in your approach, but mostly, to have a good objective understanding of the technology you hope to purchase. It is our sincere wish and intention to provide the kind of information and guidance that will help you reach your goals at the lowest possible cost and the highest possible satisfaction.”

Once you are armed with the information you need from our Technical Advice and Assistance Section, and have settled on the type and specifications of the products you need, you can shop these pages with complete confidence that you will be viewing and purchasing the most popular and highest quality components in each price range. Simply click on the category of your choice to visit the following sections:

Car Stereo & Electronics
Amplifiers, Woofers, Speakers, Power Capacitors, Empty Woofer Boxes, Loaded Woofer Boxes, Receivers (head units), Complete Bass Packages, Car TV/Video, GPS, Neon/LED, Radar Detectors, Alarms & Security, Car Stereo Accessories

Marine Stereo & Electronics
Marine Amplifiers, Marine SubwoofersMarine Speakers, Enclosed/Wakeboard Speakers, Marine Loaded Woofer Tubes, Marine TV/Video Monitors & Tuners, Marine Stereo Receivers, Fish Finders, Depth Finders, Chart Plotters, Marine GPS Navigators, VHF Transceivers

Home Stereo & Electronics
Flat Screen TVs, Home Theater Systems, DVD Players, DVD Recorders, Blu-Ray Players, Home Stereo Speakers, Home Stereo Woofer Drivers, Midrange Drivers, Tweeters, Outdoor Speakers, Home Stereo Accessories, Electronic Photo Frames, Video Game Systems, Video Games, Video Game Accessories, Home Security Systems

Computers & Supplies
Desktop Computers, Laptop/Notebook Computers, Computer Monitors, Printers/Scanners, Computer Games, Computer Components, Computer & Printer Supplies

Personal/Mobile Electronics
E-Pads/Tablets, Laptops & Notebook Computers, Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Portable TVs, Portable DVD Players, Electronic Readers, MP3 Players, Earphones & Earbuds, Personal GPS Devices, Bluetooth Devices, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Personal & Scientific Calculators, Portable Game Players

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to serving you!


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